The Impact of Business Rates on Community Energy

As someone who has worked in the energy industry for over a decade the impact the new Business Rates are having on community energy is particularly painful.

The BBC did a fine piece exploring the issue and even featured schemes I’ve designed but I felt I had to snatch a few moments from work and have my say. It’s only the Next Industrial Revolution after all…


On the Snap General Election

It’s a terrifying thought isn’t it? Five more years of this economically incompetent and environment-trashing Conservative government.

As a truly democratic party the Wales Green Party will be deciding in the coming days who their candidates are, but we won’t be distracted, we’ll continue to knock on doors to make gains in the county council elections on May 4th. From Powys to Pennarth we have a real chance to get Greens elected, councillors who will make the positive changes so desperately needed in our communities.

For the General Election the Greens are in favour of a progressive alliance, but will any other parties step up to the plate?

Anyway, here’s my statement following the announcement:

“Today’s announcement gives all of the progressive political parties a golden opportunity to deliver the future we need. We can work together to end austerity, to save the NHS, to tackle climate change and rid ourselves of the unfair first past the post electoral system.

I’m prepared to work towards this, as are many of our local green parties, and I call on other political parties to do the same so that there is only one challenger to the Conservative party at each ballot box”.

Standing for Wales Green Party Deputy Leader – Opening Statement

Here’s my opening statement to Wales Green Party members outlining what I want to do as the Deputy Leader / Spokesperson.


I’m an experienced public speaker who has given speeches on established Wales Green Party issues such as climate change, energy and the environment for over a decade. I’m widely considered an expert on issues around energy, a policy area WGP should absolutely own, and would gladly speak on behalf of our party on this or any other that is required. I’ve represented WGP on TV and Radio and had many media appearances throughout my career. However, none of those things are the reason I have put myself forwards as deputy speaker…

As deputy speaker I want to travel the country to support, nurture and complement our local parties and candidates. I believe that one of the biggest priorities of our party must be to identify and support our future talent who will in turn become our elected Green representatives. Green politicians don’t simply appear ready-made and I want to play a role in helping them become the leaders that we need.

I think that it is entirely possible that our first Welsh Green AMs and MPs aren’t even members of the party yet, and that part of my role will be to help us find them, to encourage them, and to use this position to create meaningful platforms for them to speak loudly on our behalf.

Surely with enough people out there speaking about our message of real political change such as citizen’s income, reforming politics and tacking inequality we are natural home for many more people. One of the key messages I want to promote is that we are not just a party opposed to the toxins pumped out into the environment but we are also the only true challengers to the toxic ideas that are seemingly gaining ground.

If I can play a part in creating a loud unified voice for genuine radical change that works for the common good then we will be in a prime position to attract new members, new talent and the people who will one day be our elected Green representatives. Our one, fragile planet, and people facing injustices need to hear our message, as it is more relevant and needed than ever before. And that voice isn’t particularly mine, but rather the voice of the many. I just want to help us find it.

About me:

I studied Geography at the University of Plymouth and was a post-graduate student at Oxford University and Oxford Brookes. I am the founder and Managing Director of a not-for-profit hydroelectric engineering company, and my early career was as a secondary school teacher. I am co-founder of a social enterprise that helps community groups across Mid and South Wales reduce carbon and improve biodiversity.

I have been awarded the British Empire Medal for my Services to the Renewable Energy Industry in Wales and I have won numerous other prestigious awards throughout my career.

Key political areas I am passionate about are Energy, Mental Health, Domestic Violence and Abuse.

I live in Brecon with my wife and kids.

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OK, OK, Time to Start Blogging…

I’ve had this website set up for many months and have only today started writing pieces for it…

Amongst my friends I’m notorious for not following through on many of the things I say I’ll do. That happens because I always try to do too many things at once, and sometimes things overlap and get me into trouble. (My version of events). Or it’s because I’m lazy. (Everyone else’s version of events). Whichever it is I’m now committing to put my thoughts down on a semi-regular basis.

As someone who has never been particularly confident or competent with the written word it will not always be pretty.

But at least it means I’m not being lazy.