On the Snap General Election

It’s a terrifying thought isn’t it? Five more years of this economically incompetent and environment-trashing Conservative government.

As a truly democratic party the Wales Green Party will be deciding in the coming days who their candidates are, but we won’t be distracted, we’ll continue to knock on doors to make gains in the county council elections on May 4th. From Powys to Pennarth we have a real chance to get Greens elected, councillors who will make the positive changes so desperately needed in our communities.

For the General Election the Greens are in favour of a progressive alliance, but will any other parties step up to the plate?

Anyway, here’s my statement following the announcement:

“Today’s announcement gives all of the progressive political parties a golden opportunity to deliver the future we need. We can work together to end austerity, to save the NHS, to tackle climate change and rid ourselves of the unfair first past the post electoral system.

I’m prepared to work towards this, as are many of our local green parties, and I call on other political parties to do the same so that there is only one challenger to the Conservative party at each ballot box”.

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