Let’s Take Back Control (But also Take On Responsibility).

My final written statement for the Deputy Spokesperson for the Wales Green Party:

“Previously I’ve outlined my vision for the Deputy Speaker.  I want to focus on helping our local parties grow and supporting our local candidates. I also want to use my professional experience to help us own the energy agenda and I’m confident that my plans will compliment the work of Alice and the other Spokesperson. 

However, I think it’s only fair that I use this final statement to outline below my thoughts on Brexit because if elected this issue will dominate my two year term. 

Clearly Brexit has exposed huge divisions in our country. I have no doubt that the messaging of the Leave Campaign, alongside much of our toxic press, is complicit in this. The Remain campaign also talked a great deal of nonsense. But what I’m seeing, as many lurch to the political right or into despair, is a huge amount of pain. And despite the optimism of many I can’t see how Brexit will solve any of our problems.

I believe that the pain in our country stems from a majority of people feeling hopeless, forgotten and scared for their future. I also think many of us have been so affected by neoliberal economics and political abandonment that we have become emotionally scarred. And I see a huge vacuum as most political parties refuse to explain to people what caused these scars. 

So when asked about Brexit I will keep my comments simple. I believe that we, as Greens, need to emphasize that we believe that we need to Take Back Control. Not from the EU (that was sleight of hand from the start) but that we need to take control back from the causes of pain in our society. We need to take back control from an undemocratic monetary system. We need control back from the big energy companies, the media conglomerates, the big supermarkets, the lobbyists, and the offshore asset hoarders. 

I would like to describe to people how none of this pain, none of this division, will ever be healed unless we take back control from an economic system that has run rampant and is the root cause of all our social and environmental injustice. 

I think I can explain our message simply. If people feel like they aren’t in control then support the Greens who will wrestle it back from their unscrupulous landlord through rent controls. The Greens will take back control for the people victimised by the DWP. The Greens will take back control of economic uncertainty with a Universal Basic Income.

I want to explain that if people offer the Greens their support then collectively we can take back control of our future and that of our fragile planet. 

If elected I’m hopeful that I will be able to cut through the narrative and articulate exactly what is going on. When the others offer scapegoats or soundbites, I will offer our solutions. 

So as weird as it may seem I believe that we Greens need to focus on taking back control. But I also recognise that collectively we also need to take back responsibility.” 

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